If you want to get Traffic, Leads and Sales from the internet, your Website has to be packed with Content relevant to what your Customers are searching for online.

People searching on Google can then find you, and click into your site.

To turn those people into customers,  your website content needs to help customers understand how you can help them, and why they should choose to deal with you.

But here’s the thing: if your website is too slow, people are not going to stick around to see what you have to say.

Put simply: nobody likes a slow website. Not customers, not Google. And probably not you.

Think about it. What do you do when you are browsing the internet and a page takes more than a few seconds to load?

You hit the back button, and look for another one, right? That’s what I do.

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And it’s not just you and me — a customer survey by SingleStone Consulting’s Customer Research Lab1 found that:

👎 35% are less likely to buy from a slow website

👎 66% say website performance influences their impression of the company

👎 33% have a negative impression of a company with a poor performing website

That’s why we help our customers to build the fastest possible websites for their businesses. You have a way of doing things, you have products that will delight, you have a story to tell.

Don’t waste it — maximise your customer engagement with your valuable content, to boost leads and sales for your business. Show your customers that you respect them and value their time.

We build websites that load in <0.3 seconds

Not many websites are faster than that!

Google Pagespeed 100

A 0.3 second loading time is almost instant. This speed would put you in the top 1% of sites by speed. In fact, even Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller recommends a page loading speed as slow as 2~3 seconds.

Slow? 2~3 seconds is fast already. But why stop there?

Show your customers you value their time as much as you value your own.

PageSpeed Rank on Desktop: 100

Your site can also score the full 100 on Google Pagespeed for Desktop, and 99 for mobile. Yes, yes are just scores, it’s the loading time that counts. And you don’t need to get 100 to have a super fast site. But we follow the recommendations, to achieve optimal settings and times.
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Nobody likes a slow website. Not customers, not Google

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But a great desktop experience is not enough. As your customers use their mobile phones more and more to look for businesses that can help them, it is very important that your website loads fast on a mobile too.

faster wordpress australia

When crawling web pages to analysing them for indexing and ranking, Google used to use the desktop version of a page’s content. But starting in May 2018, Google started to use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking.2

We are also conversion-focused, which means every site is built for the purpose of achieving your goals – whether it’s getting more leads and sales for your business, or signing up more subscribers.

But how do we go about building websites? The answer: different than most!

fastest mobile website melbourne

If speed is not a concern for you, there are plenty of page builder plug-ins for WordPress. With these and a cheap shared hosting, you can build a nice looking site quickly and easily.

But what page builders give in speed of design, they take away in speed of browsing. If you want a very fast site, it must be built with speed in mind.

We can help you with that.

Every website we build is mobile friendly & mobile fast.

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