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I’m going to give you a quick rundown today on what is a Progressive Web App and why you might want to use one. Say you’re a pizza shop or a foreign exchange shop, or an online learning website. You have a business where people are coming back on a regular basis. So you want to make it easy for them to find you on their mobile home screen. They can then click in and see your information, place an order etcetera.

An app is a very good thing to have but as you might know they cost a bit to develop. Then you have to get them approved on the Android or Apple App Store.

Another solution to that which costs less and is much quicker is a Progressive Web App. These let your customers save your website to their phone so they can easily find you again.

Once installed, down the bottom of your website page, your customers will see a popup. They can click that popup, and it will save your website to their phone and and cache some of its information. Now, it’s downloaded on to their home screen. They click it and your site pops up in fullscreen mode. It’s faster too, because it’s cached.

It’s now much easier for your customers to then find you,and to browse around find the information they need about your business and place an order etcetera.

Installing a Web App is very simple to do if you already have a website that is running on WordPress. But your your site does need to be very fast, and to look nice, to give a good App experience.

So if your site is fast and looks good (the hard part), you can install a couple of given plugins (the easy part). Add in the correct graphics for the login logo and the app logo on the home screen. You now have a Progressive Web App!