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Your website's #1 goal is to get more leads for your business, and boost your sales.  Your design, branding and content strategy are key to that. But even more important will be your marketing, and advertising optimisation. Make Sure You Get a Website That Works! Chat Now to get more info.

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Web Packages &
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Website Design

Your website is the core of your online presence. It is  usually the first thing people will see when looking for  the sort of goods or services you provide. So it must be able to get you found by potential customers, give a good first impression, and draw them into an ongoing process of getting to know you.

Website Design

We build beautiful, super fast websites that build for business lead generation. Our loading speeds can’t be beaten. Multiple user logins let your team add content, for you to approve and publish. Easily add and edit new pages and blog posts as simple as sending an email. Input text, add pics and embed videos with ease. And our built in Video Instruction Manual gives you step-by-step instructions on all functions.

Content Strategy

Nobody knows your business like you do. But do you have the sales copy you need to help your customers better understand how you can help them, and why they should choose to do business with you? You need content for your website. Google won’t find you without it, and customers won’t get the chance to learn more about you. But Generic marketing fluff won’t cut it. We can help you to develop your core materials, and teach you to develop your ongoing content strategy.

Branding & Logo

We will get your website up and going in short order, with sharp designs custom tailored to match your branding. Use your own logo, or let us do one or advise you on how to get one done, quick smart and in multiple formats for various uses. Get the right look quick.

Online Marketing

A great website is essential. But to really boost your business, you will need a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at getting you as much traffic as possible, and turning as much as you can into leads and sales, to help you grow your business. This requires Funnels, Automation and Optimisation.

Marketing Funnels

The concept is simple, the execution not-so-simple: Bring customers to a landing page. Present them with a compelling free offer they will receive upon providing their email address. Then proceed to educate them about the market for your product, and how differentiates you. Follow up with a paid offer, based on what you have learned about their needs.

Business Automation

Sequences of emails sent to customers at their request. Customers changing to different sequences according to their preferences abd reactions. Information passed automatically between your systems to save you time. For example leads-form info going to your address book, or automatically creating an job estimate. The possibilities are endless, the time saved significant, and the lead generation potential enormous.

Advertising Optimisation

Are you using paid advertising online? You know how much you are paying per click, but do you know how much you are paying per lead? Our advanced analytics helps you understand what you’re spending, then squeeze out more leads per dollar. By sending customers to dedicated landing pages made for higher conversions, with landing page style and messages highly aligned with what the customers are looking for, and giving convincing information, testimonial proof and compelling offers, we make sure that you get the most leads per advertising dollar you spent, for the best marketing efficiency possible.

COmplete Website Packages


First, I talk to you, to understand your business, and what benefit you are selling to your clients


I show you a concept of how we can best set you up, to maximise your traffic and leads growth


We agree on a way forward, that will get you the best results, with minimum fuss


The project begins. We communicate with you as the job proceeds. No surprises

Online Marketing

Business Lead Generation Package

This package involves us building and running a Marketing Funnel for you. The  funnel takes potential customers through an automated process of signup, education and trust-building. Only once they understand how your product or service can help them, are they given an offer based on their needs, resulting in a high chance of closing a sale . The "working parts" of the Marketing Funnel include  a combination of: 

  • Marketing Funnel for massive lead boost.
  • Pay-per-click ad optimisation.
  • Marketing brochures and/or sales videos.
  • Landing pages.
  • Marketing automation.

Website Development

Website Design Package

We build websites that help you get more traffic, leads and sales online. We start with a business website platform that helps you to grow you business with as little fuss as possible. In addition to being easy and reliable, a business website needs bold calls to action, a landing page, mailing list with opt-in forms and more, to help you grow your list and boost your leads.

Every AlphaPress Site Includes:

  • Quality mobile-friendly, looks great on all devices
  • SSL encryption on all pages, as preferred by Google
  • Install on its own super fast Nginx Virtual Server, pages load in <1sec
  • Caching and content delivery network for maximum speed.
  • Simple to use Content Management System. Add text, pics, vids with ease.
  • Video Instructions, with clear step-by-step guidance for each function.
  • Built in Pro SEO system, to get your content found online.
  • Ability to edit from desktop or mobile
  • Multi-user ability - delegate content management to your staff.
  • Full daily backups to your own offsite locations.
  • Mailing lists and lead-gathering forms for maximum signups
  • More, according to your specific needs

Other Packages

SEO & Analytics

Need more more traffic to your site?  All our website packages come installed with analytics setup and instructions plus a Pro SEO package, to help you get the most traffic possible with the for the amount and quality of content you have.

Build A Subscriber Base

As Facebook and other unpaid social media exposure continue to block business content in favour of paid ad space, an email list remains the most effective way to keep bringing customers back to your site. Included in all AlphaPress sites.


Website Re-platform or Migration

Is your current site user friendly? Does it look good? Is it super fast? Can you add and edit content without having to get help every time? If not all that, talk to us about how we can seamlessly migrate your content onto AlphaPress site. 

Marketing Funnel

Paid advertising + custom landing pages + signup bait + automated email series + compelling offer = very high number of leads per advertising dollar spent. Talk to us today about how we can help you boost your leads and sales.