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Chatbots are one of the most rapidly growing tools used by businesses to grow leads and drive customer engagement. We use advanced Facebook Messenger marketing tactics and strategies to help you:

✅ Build a HUGE contact list on Facebook Messenger
✅ Grow your leads and sales by sending Facebook Messenger promos to your Facebook Messenger contacts
✅ Use your Facebook Messenger chatbot to book appointments or promote content
✅ Speed up service and reduce costs by using your Chatbot to answer common customer inquiries
✅ Integrating your Facebook Messenger chatbot with Facebook “Send to Messenger” Ad campaigns

Below is an introduction to some of the ways we can use Facebook Messenger Chatbots to help you boost your business:


Facebook Messenger Chat Promos— Open Rates on Other Channels Can’t Compare

Compare average engagement rates for popular marketing channels:

Email promos: 10-15% open rate

Top search ad: 7% click-through rate

Facebook Ads: 1-3% click-through rate

Facebook News Feed: 0-1% of followers

Facebook Messenger Chat Promos: 70-80% engagement — in the first hour!

Using Messenger Chat Promos, you can get up to 10x your open rate compared to automated email systems. The ability to schedule and bulk-send interactive, engaging content, offers and campaigns to Facebook Messenger contacts, lets the chat system take over what a mailing system does, although you may want to have both, so you can still serve the small percentage of customer who don’t use Facebook.


Facebook Messenger Ads Significantly Outperform Old-school “Engagement Ads” and “Traffic Ads”

Compare the ROI of Facebook ad objectives:

Engagement Ads: Views or likes of posts have questionable ROI

Traffic Ads: Expensive clicks lead to visitors who convert at around 2%

Lead Ads: Captures user information but no way to immediately engage with them

Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads Capture Lifetime Customer Engagement!

Facebook Messenger Ads Give Better Conversion Rate

If you’re advertising on Facebook, stop paying for low-converting website traffic or a whole lot of leads that you can’t immediately start interacting with.

Click-to-Messenger ads immediately engage your customers to start finding out how you can best help them. They’re always mobile-friendly. And the conversion rate is 100%, since you get everyone’s contact info and can message them back via Facebook Messenger! And of course, now you can educate them about your content, send them promos, and provide follow on service to customers after they’ve bought your product.

With Facebook Messenger Ads, instead of paying Facebook again and again to get you in touch with your existing customers, you save all your Ad Spend for use on gathering new customers. Now you can watch your Messenger contact list get bigger and bigger, for guaranteed ROI.

Collect Facebook Messenger Contact Data and Custom Variables You Assign

With Facebook Messenger Ads our Chatbot system, you get the contact information of anyone who sends your ad a message. You can follow-up with them, send promos to them, send them content based on their interests and more.

You get more user data from Facebook Messenger Ads than you will from any other ad type, on Facebook or elsewhere. in addition you can keep adding more intel you collect the more you interact with them with custom variables. Your Chatbot can ask them whatever questions you like, and then use the answers to personalise later interactions.

Stay in Contact with Customers for Life via Facebook Messenger

Your Chatbot system gives you a personalized one-to-one communication channel for helping and selling to your customers. Stay engaged with your customers by answering questions and offering support via your Chatbot.

So when a customer asks a question via Facebook Messenger chat, they get an immediate answer plus a person to follow-up if they want to talk. So you speed up service time, while saving human efforts and labor costs for where they are really needed.


Conversational Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Marketing with Question-and-Answer Triggers

Until now, most businesses have “automated” the answering of FAQs simply by making a list of them and displaying them on their website. Our Chatbot system lets you quickly answer your customers’ questions for  a and easier and more personalized experience.

Use conversational style, engaging, mobile-friendly Facebook Messenger marketing automation:

Answer Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions: Chatbots can help you save time by handling FAQs, customer service, appointment scheduling and those 50-60% of common requests you get all the time.

Quickly Give Customers the Info They Need by Matching User Intent: We design content experiences triggered by “broad-match” keywords, so your Chatbot can serve users the content they’re looking for immediately.

Stay Engaged with Learning AI: Smart Facebook Messenger marketing technology learns over time and with more interactions, while engaging with your contacts in a personal way.

Multi-lingual Support: Support for conversational language processing for 30+ languages is included.


Facebook Messenger Chatbots Are Teachable Technology

Out Chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help them to understand your customers better with every interaction.

Also, the keywords you assign as Q&A triggers are broad-matched, to use familiar terminology. In other words, every keyword you assign to content will also be shown for similar keywords, like “hi,” “hello” and “hey”, or for or when people ask similar questions to any of your pre-programmed questions .

Assign New Questions to Chatbots with Ease

We can teach your Facebook Messenger Chatbot how to respond to common questions. The Chatbot system shows us the most common unanswered questions you’re getting in your Facebook Messenger chat. We can then add those question phrasings to your existing Q&A sets, or we can create new responses that make sense for these and similar queries.


24/7 Automation + Human Takeover in Facebook Messenger

Of course having Chatbots on the job, doesn’t mean that you give up the personal touch of a live person. Your pre-set alerts can mail or SMS you anytime your customer hit certain points in a chat, or if they ask a question the bot cannot answer, so you can jump into the conversation at any time with the Human Takeover feature.

This combination of ChatBot + Human gives you the best of all worlds!

✅ Chatbot automation gives your customers quick answers to the most frequently asked questions, saving them time, and saving you staffing costs.

✅ Whenever a customer question requires a personal touch, you can easily talk to your customers from desktop or a mobile app. Your notification can also include a brief of the info you have on the customer, and of course you can glance over the bot conversation, so you can start things of in the most helpful way possible.

✅ The efficiency of automation combines with convenient and cost-efficient customer service powered by Chatbot + Human Service is much cheaper than operator chat alone.

Facebook Messenger ChatBot automation actually blows away live chat:

✅ Automate responses to 60% of the common questions

✅ Available 24/7 without the expense of Human-only live chat staffing

✅ Jump into the conversation to offer appropriate help at any time

✅ Respond from your desktop or a mobile app

✅ Stay aware of the conversation with Facebook Messenger push notifications


Facebook Messenger Lead Magnets to Drive New Contacts

When you use our ChatBot Marketing system, your number of Facebook Messenger contacts is the size of your reach. Because Facebook Messenger sees 60-80% open rates, growing the size of your Messenger contact list is key. We have available several types of lead magnets to grow your Facebook Messenger contact list:

Website chat widget: This great looking widget pops up on your site and prompts customers to start a conversation. Every person who chats with you from your website is then converted into a Facebook Messenger contact.

Links: We can create for you links that drop users straight into your chatbot experience at the point of your selection. These links can be inserted into any text on you site, or used on any button or image, and can take the user to the beginning of a conversation relevant to the product or service they are reading about. Each click of the link creates a new contact.

Facebook Messenger ads: New contacts are created when your target audience clicks on your Facebook send-to-Messenger ad campaigns. With a compelling advertisement, the relatively low cost per view of Facebook ads can win you many new contacts for a relatively low price. Add to that the high levels of customer engagement with a well-designed Chatbot, to achieve very high ROI.

Comment Guard: We can add a Facebook Messenger autoresponder to all your Facebook posts, plus specific responders for specific posts, to create conversations and new contacts, and generate strong leads by engaging commenters to boost interest.

Checkbox plugin: We can also add an opt-in checkbox to any web form to secure a new contact while they’re completing a form.


Facebook Messenger: the Best Website Chat Widget

Putting live chat on your website can increase customer conversion rates up to 45%! When given a choice between email, phone and chat, people tend to choose chat for customer service, as an easy way to get quick answers to their questions.

Now get this: On-site chat powered by Facebook Messenger automation is better than live chat:

24/7 instant response: Chatbots answer questions instantly, so customers don’t have to wait

Cheaper than live staff: Having chatbots saves you the labour costs of operator services, but a Human can always jump in when needed.

Always mobile-friendly: Unlike live many chat solutions on the market, Facebook Messenger chat is always mobile-friendly.

Creates lasting contacts: Interactions in Facebook Messenger chat become contacts, giving you more chances to covert them to customer, that can be nurtured for a lifetime.


Engage & Convert Contacts with Advanced Facebook Messenger Marketing Automations

Our ChatBot system uses advanced messaging automations for Facebook Messenger to create lead-nurturing funnels, which we you design once, and you can then use across contacts.

Our bots include powerful automations for:

✅ Facebook post autoresponders that grow contacts through Page interactions

✅ Custom variable insertion that makes for super personalized messaging

✅ Mass messages to custom audience contacts on-demand

✅ RSS connectors that automatically sends messages to contacts powered by RSS feed

✅ Q&A triggered chatbot experiences that match content to what users are looking for

✅ Chatbot-powered website chat featuring live operator takeover

✅ Links, buttons and checkboxes that send people to your Messenger chatbot and create new messaging contacts

✅ Scheduled Promos that plan Messenger campaigns in advance and schedule messages for a future date and time.

✅Promos for the recipient’s time zone, to helps you send promo messages at optimal times for your contacts.

✅ Design and schedule lead-nurturing drip campaigns to onboard and educate your customers. These can be send to specific groups of your customers depending on what they have bought, or what your Chatbot has told them about already.

✅ Integration: We can hookup your bot system to share its contact data to other business systems. For example by connection your invoicing or eCommerce system to Zapier, which connects to your Chatbot, we can make it so a week after purchasing (when product should have arrived) your customer is asked to rate your product. If they are not happy somehow, you get alerted and can resolve the issue. If they give a high star rating, we show them a video of how to leave, say, a Google Review, and then give them a direct link to your Google review page.