Superfast WordPress Nginx Hosting Melbourne

Superfast WordPress Nginx Hosting Melbourne


Superfast WordPress hosting on an Nginx VPS server in Melbourne. Server side-caching, fastest Domain Name Servers and Content Delivery Network rapid loading for all users. We then further boost speed with code minification, image compression and more. $80 per month x 12 months, billed annually. Package includes hosting only. Wordpress Site Care Plan sold separately.

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1. Nginx Server in Brisbane

Your web server needs to run fast, AND be as close as possible to the majority of your customers, to give them the best browsing experience.  We install your WordPress on an Nginx server on a Virtual Private Server in Melbourne. Your customers will feel the speed, so will your team, when editing your site.

2. Server Caching for Speed

We use Redis cache, a server-based caching solution that achieves outstanding performance, with an in-memory dataset which serves files to your customers straight from the RAM, for a super fast browsing experience.

3. Content Delivery Network

To further increase your site speed, we install a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as Cloudflare or KeyCDN, which caches all your website's static files onto servers close to where customers are viewing from. This ensures super-fast page loading no matter where they are.

4. Speed Optimisation

We use website analysis tools to see how we can speed up your site. Our Nginx server does most of the heavy lifting. Then we setup minification of HTML, Javascript, and CSS;  and optimize and re-size images. We continue testing and tweaking until your site is as fast as possible. We monitor your site's performance and regularly report back to you.


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