Business Website Audit Service

Business Website Audit Service


Is your business website getting you enough leads? If not, why not? Let us help you determine how it could be improved, with an audit of the key factors that help to determine your website’s ability to generate leads and sales for your business. The audit will cover content, calls-to-action, sales methods, loading speed, aesthetics and design, mobile friendliness, and security. We will talk to you on the phone and present you with a report and recommendations.

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1. Site Content & SEO

This comes first. The words, pictures, videos and anything else in your site, needs to be helpful for your customers. It must be easy to find, and easy to read. It needs to build trust and educate your customers as to how your product or service can help them. And it needs to be visible to search engines. Your site can only be as good as the content.

2. Call-to-action and Sales Method

As customers browse your site, and gain confidence in you and your products and services, they need to be prompted to take further action. Calls-to-action are prominent areas of your site's pages, with bold messages asking customers to Get in Touch, sign up for a mailing list, etc. The follow on that leads toward a sale is also important.

3. Loading Speed

Website loading speed has long been a ranking factor. And as of July 2018, page speed is also a ranking factor for mobile searches. And Google tells us that 53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. How fast does your page load? We can reduce that time to 1 second or lower.

4. Aesthetics & Design

Your website should look great. But to help you get more leads and sales, it has to help your customers learn about how you can help them. People expect to be able to get what they need from a website site easily, immediately, and on their own terms. We will help you to ensure success by designing with their context and needs in mind without sacrificing richness of content

5. Mobile Friendliness

Google now puts more emphasis on mobile design and speed than ever before. But we don't need them to tell us what makes a great mobile site! Just think of what you expect yourself - helpful, fast and easy, right? In addition to loading fast, your website needs to be easy to read on a mobile, and easy to navigate, with a layout and menu designed for easy reading, with easy-to-use buttons and options. Mobile browsing is important. That's why we design for mobile first.

6. Security

To help you do its job of getting more leads and sales for you, your website needs to be online and running fast, all the time. Security means making sure of that. We achieve it with good server level security, good WordPress level security, and good people security, starting with strong password policies. Offsite backups are also crucial to making sure you are covered against all scenarios.


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