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Hello! We have contacted you directly, as we have identified a Google Page #1 opportunity for “. Using basic SEO principles that many people overlook, we help put businesses on Google Page #1. 

We are going to do this FOR ONLY ONE in . Sound interesting? Then read on — then let us know if you want to talk before a competing does.

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In every local area, only 13 s can get their business on Google Page #1 without paying Google — would you like to be one of them?

The Way to Page #1:

Relevant Domain

Using appropriate keywords

Relevant Content

To be found by search engines


Relevant Business Name

In Google Business listings

Relevant Google Maps

Location & content

More Genuine Reviews

To help elevate your listing

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Google Page #1 … how?


In every local area, only 13 s can get on Google Page #1 without paying Google — 3 on the Maps entries (up very top where you definitely want to be) and 10 on the generic search results.

In bigger cities and towns, these are hotly contested. But in your town, we have noticed there are some gaps that we can fill.

If you do a Google search for , you will see that on the first page, in the Google maps results, there is room for three businesses.

Google gives precedence to businesses with:

  1. Listing name matching business niche
  2. Web domain matching niche
  3. Location closest to the centre of the place location name
  4. Content related to your business niche in website and business listing
  5. More good Google Reviews than the other s.

Following these rules, we have got a number of businesses on Google Page #1, both for their Maps listings and their website results.

While it’s not 100% guaranteed, our experience shows that if the steps are followed, the results come soon after.

If we look at the s who are currently ranking on Page #1 Google Maps results are there not because they are following these rules, but simply because few if any s in  are following these rules, and they are just lucky!

So far, you haven’t been one of the lucky ones. But, by simply working with us to make sure you are following the rules, you can get to Page 1 for the results, and win the extra business that will come from that. 

Years WordPress Experience

Star Customer Ratings

Examples of this Technique

Buchan Electrical (Wangaratta)

With an SEO optimised site, an well designed Google listing, and a strategy for getting more customer reviews, Buchan Electrical got on Page #1 for both Google Maps and normal results for “Wangaratta Electrician”. Check below:

Metalistik (Brisbane)

Metalistik is a Brisbane based artist creating unique metal wall art. They needed a fast, eCommerce site with SEO to get them found online. We did the setup, dark branding, training and ongoing support. Check it out below:

Perth Fence (Perth)

We started out with a Google Ads campaign. It worked well. But then we implemented our Local SEO plan. There now #1 ranked for search term Perth Fence, getting daily leads since, without any need for more Ad spending. 

Customer Testimonials

Highly recommend for professional and reliable service. Built us an amazing website and is always available if any updates are needed. You can trust that if you want your website or web design done the right way contact these guys.”


Excellent service and support, rearranged our company website for a more up to date, more eye-catching and just altogether better looking level. Great value for fantastic work, all turned around in a short space of time too.”


Fantastic service, thank you for your help and support throughout all 3 of our websites that you built up for us. Thanks to you we have continued business coming in. Very efficient, reliable service. Give him a call for all your website needs.


Video Explainer

As mentioned, Google will rank your business higher if you have:

  1. Listing name matching business niche
  2. Web domain matching niche
  3. Location closest to search terms location
  4. Content related to your business niche in website and business listing
  5. More good, genuine Google Reviews than the other s.

The video explains what we will do. Take a look, then let us know if you have any questions.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Talk to us about your situation. Are you getting enough leads? Are you getting free leads? Is your site well ranked? We already had a quick look, and we think you could use our help, which is why we called. But we would love to talk to you and find out more.

Will I need a new website?

Depends. Probably. If your current website is easy for you to add and edit content, and you are getting found online and getting leads, then maybe not. But if you have a site which is not really doing anything for you, then yes

I have no written material for my site. Can you help me?

Yes. This is common for business owners, who don’t have time to write their own materials. We look at any existing material you have, then talk to you on the phone, ask a bunch of questions, and convert what you tell us into professional, convincing web page copy.

Does your plan involve Google Ads?

No. The whole point of our strategy is to get you ranked on Google Page 1 in map listings, and also in the regular listings below if possible. So you appear at least one, maybe twice on page 1. It takes some work to make it happen, but the rewards are free leads (no paid ads).

How good will the SEO be?

Your site’s SEO will be as good as 1) the relevance of you content to what your customers are searching for, 2) your Google My Business listing, and 3) your site’s Technical SEO setup. We can take care of the first and second if you need. But we ALWAYS take care of the 3rd.

We set up your SEO to practically configures itself. Then we use a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that ensures the perfect SEO for you WordPress.

Upon installation, our system will verify your site’s settings and recommend the ideal settings for best performance. The step-by-step wizard then sets up your site’s SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles and other SEO settings.

We can also do a manual installation and follow up if required.

I want a site, and I want it to do ...

No problem! Mostly. We use WordPress, a highly-customisable open source website CRM management software that we configure to match your specific situation, and tailor to match your workflows. Need a special function? We can make it happen. Want to integrate data with your other applications? Connect mailing list subscriptions, send enquiries to your CRM, or send orders as an XML? No problem. Contact us today to discuss your idea.

What if I get stuck when using my site?

All our site haves easy editing features with built-in video instructions to make things easy for you. And with our additional WordPress Support Service, we will run your updates and manage your double-backups to our own servers and your own backup location, and help you whenever needed. If you ever get stuck with adding or editing content on your site, and the videos aren’t quite getting you sorted, just tell us and we will fix the problem AND send you a personally recored custom video showing what the solution was.

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