Blog writing is an important method of generating content for your business to help you engage with your customers.

By writing a blog, you can help your customers to better understand your products and market, and ultimately keep them coming back to you when they have needs.

However, it can be hard to think of new topics to write about. It is vital, therefore, that when you do get a good idea, you make sure to stash it away for when you are ready to talk about it in detail.

Here is a quick tip to get you more productive!

Every time you think of a topic that you would like to write about later, you can use the Quick Draft feature in WordPress. That way you have saved your good idea and it can easily be converted into a blog post.

The Quick Draft feature is very simple. It has a basic looking widget on your dashboard, with a topic and a text box. To use it, you simply write down the topic of your idea, and a brief summary of what it's all about, and then hit "Save Draft".

Later on, when you have some time to sit down and start writing some blog posts, you no longer have to worry about not being able to think of a suitable topic.

When you open up your blog's Posts page in the back end, you will see your list of previously saved draft topics, and can click into whichever takes your fancy and continue with your writing.

No longer will you have to sit around wasting your free writing time trying to remember that great idea you came up with last week while doing something completely different.

Remember, with WordPress web version on your phone, especially if you remember to tick the "remember me" box when you sign in to save you having to sign in each time, you can perform this task quickly and easily no matter where you are.

Check out the video, and try this idea out. Is it helpful for you? Do you have any similar or better ideas? We welcome your comments and questions down below.