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Fact is, I am not even writing this right now. Not in the old sense, anyway. I am sitting on the couch with the WordPress app running on my iPhone. I am pressing the little microphone icon next to the space bar, and then talking into my phone. It’s pretty easy to write a whole lot of text this way. Write first, check later.

No need to be all fancy

The important thing is to think first about what you want to say. As long as you have something helpful to tell people, then just say it. That’s the trick. Don’t worry that you can’t make yourself sound clever enough. Don’t think you have to sound fancy. Too many people in business making the mistake that of thinking that everyone wants to read some fancy prose. But the truth is, when you got a problem, you don’t want to read in some fancy words. You just want to find a guy who really knows his stuff.

Experience makes the difference

It might be fun to read snarky snive by some clever green grad over coffee on a Sunday morning. But when the chips are down and getting it right counts, all eyes are on the old dude standing back in the shadows. As the old Taoist saying goes: he who knows speaks not, and he who speaks knows not. I’m sure you have seen it. How many companies put out information you could swear was written up by the marketing department interns, while the rest of the company was out on holiday?

Your chance to stand out

Too true, too often! That’s why the guy who knows his stuff, has to be the one that gets it out there. It does not happen enough. Which is exactly why you have the chance to be the business that stands well out from the crowd. The truth is, there are always people there who will need help with exactly what you do. They have a problem they want you to help them fix. And they probably don’t care for you to sound clever while telling them. Especially if you’re in an occupation where actions count more than words, short and sharp is the way to go.

Just be yourself

If you have something to say, then are best off to saying it just how you normally would. All you have to do, is talk about stuff that happened. Because somewhere out there that has the same problem you just solved. In fact no matter what you do, I am willing to bet there are plenty of things that shocked you or made you laugh during your time on the job. Examples of how not to do things. Perhaps accompanied with an idea of how you’d do things better.

Everyone has a story

Maybe you’re an electrician that has seen something in a crazily dangerous way. Or a fence builder who can’t believe the fence he replaced today stayed up for as long as it did. Or a computer guy who has just realized how much time your new trick will save everybody. You know something others don’t. And the people who will find your story online, are the people who are looking for it. The people who really want to hear what you’ve got to say. And the people who, having heard your viewpoint, and seen your logic, might to want some.

Everyone loves a story

The trick to writing interesting content is just telling your readers the same cool stuff you would otherwise be telling your friends. Everybody loves a good story. And everybody needs advice on how to get things done right. Writing a blog can be easier than you expected if you go at it in the simplest way possible. And the simplest way possible is just to say something. Anything. Then proof read, hit the publish button, and get it out there.

Just think and speak

All of the above, 10 minutes ago I had not even thought of, beyond the fact that I wanted to tell you how to make writing easier. But now I have started, I have already managed to tell you a little bit about why you should not overthink it. I have also mentioned that you can make it easier by using a voice-to-text function, like all iPhones five and above have built in. And in a few minutes, I will plug my phone into my computer, and do a screen recording of me doing a blog post.

Any which way

Of course, you may not have an iPhone or any other such device. Not a worry, you can always simply record your voice, then type your stories up afterwards. Or you might prefer just thinking and typing. Voice-to-text, or record-then-type, are just good ways to get the guts of your story done and dusted. So I’ve told you what I am thinking, and what I am going to do. The only thing left for me to do is to make a video and pop it in. So will be a blog post done, with a video to boot. Two bits of content to be found by those looking for it.

Get found

Now somebody who is looking on Google for an easier way to write blog post, i.e. to create content, might just find this post. It’s an extra page to get found by you, which increases my chances of winning your business. If it’s helpful enough, you will share it to Facebook or LinkedIn, so your friends know about me to. And if I have a mailing list set up, you might subscribe, as long as you can easily see that is an option. That’s the principle. It will work for me, and it will work for you. Check the video, leave your questions or comments down below.

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