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Content is King

If you want to get traffic, leads and sales online, your website has to be full of information, or “content”, that is relevant to what your customers are searching for online.

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Slow is a No No

But if your website is too slow, your content is wasted. People are not going to stick around to see what you have to say. Because nobody likes a slow website. Not customers, not Google.

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We Build Fast Websites

Our websites load in under half a second, and are made for the best SEO and greatest ease of use, with built-in systems to help you get all the right things done to improve your site rankings.

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We Can Help You Get There

What do you need to maximise your leads and sales online? A super fast website, that respects people’s time. Content that shows people you care, and benefits of using your product or service. And a way to start conversation that being people back to you throughout their purchasing decision process.

Talk to us about how we can help you achieve these three key functions. Let us first tell you how your current site stacks up, with a free Site Audit.


If your website is slow, you are missing out on customers.

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Starting in July 2018, Google started to use the mobile version of websites for indexing and ranking, instead of the desktop version.

Now, let’s get into WHY slowness is a problem. Well, what do you do when you are browsing the internet and a page takes more than a few seconds to load? You hit the back button, and look for another one, right? That’s what I do.
Google has made it very clear that Page Speed is important. They used to use the desktop version of a page’s content to measure Page Speed. But now mobile loading speed is a more crucial rankings factor.
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“Page Speed is  a key factor in win deciding how your site will rank. With a slow site, you will struggle to get your website higher on Google’s search engine results.”

Now that’s the bad news. But here is some good news for you: With so many slow websites out there, by building yourself a fast site, you can enjoy a significant advantage over your competitors.

Their slower websites will still drive readers away. And that will hurt their ranking relative to your fast site. When someone comes to your site but leaves immediately, that’s called a “bounce”.

Google sees bounces happening, and they hold it against you. But the faster your site loads, the lower the bounce rate.

This creates opportunity for youWith a faster site, you have a better chance of ranking on Google over slow sites that suffer from high bounce rates.

Why not take advantage of this?

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That’s why we help our customers to build the fastest possible websites for their businesses.

Faster websites help maximise reader engagement. That means more people reading more of your website.

The top-ranking positions on Google all shared a common trait: Fast page speeds on their websites. They all had well-optimized sites that had clearly been designed for speed.

— Backlinko, SEO Experts

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Speed is not the only thing, of course. A site with little content or poor content will interest no one. No matter how fast it loads. Good content that people find helpful is the key to better traffic.

But you still have to be fast. Even with top quality content, if your website speed isn’t as fast as the top 10 pages in your niche, your site won’t rank on the first page of Google. And most people browsing the internet just don’t usually click to the second page of search results.

Now, first page of search results will always generate the most clicks. So fast page speed is vital if you want to have a website that gets more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

A recent study proved all this. The SEO experts at Backlinko analysed over a million search engine results pages on Google. They wanted to find out what the top 10 results in the search results of any niche had in common.

They found that page loading speeds are a huge factor in ranking higher. The top-ranking positions on Google all shared a common trait: Fast page speeds on their websites. They all had well-optimized sites that had clearly been designed for speed.

The top-ranking sites also had very low bounce rates. So given that page speed influences your search ranking, it’s obvious that websites need to pick up the pace, but how fast is fast enough?

How Fast is Your Business Website?

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OK, so you need to be fast. But how  fast is fast enough?

The Technology Department of the Financial Times1 did a study on how people reacted to slower page loading times, and found out that:

  • The first-second delay resulted in a 4.9% drop reading volume
  • The three-second delay resulted in a 7.9% drop in reading volume
  • Visitors read less when delays occurred

Comparative speed is also important. It may help to look at the stats compiled by Online Marketing & SEO Expert Geoff Kenyon2:

  • if your site loads in 5 seconds, it is faster than 25% of the web
  • if your site loads in 2.9 seconds, it is faster than 50% of the web
  • if your site loads in 1.7 seconds, it is faster than 75% of the web; and

If your site loads in 0.8 seconds, it is faster than 94% of the web

Now that’s fast. But why stop there?

We build websites for our customers that load in 0.5 seconds, or faster. consistently loads in around 0.3 seconds.

Not Many Websites Are Faster Than That!

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So how do we go about Building Websites? The Answer: Different Than Most!

If you want a very fast site, it must be built with speed in mind. We can help you with that.

So how did we learn make websites load so fast? Well, it wasn’t easy. We followed recommendations, then checked the results. Tested and tweaked, and tested again. We kept at it until we achieved optimal settings and the fastest possible times. Now when we build sites, we stick to the process. There are lots of steps involved, but it all breaks down to three main steps:

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Firstly, we use only the lightest WordPress themes. The ones with the least amount of code per function they need to perform. That means no page builders. Harder work. But a faster site.

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Secondly, we use the fastest and best value hardware we can find. We use virtual private servers running Nginx, with all caching functions done by the server, not by a WordPress plugin.

fastest website australia

Finally, we test the performance of all sites we build. We us services like, Google Lighthouse, There are many more, and each has different recommendations.

Our Technology Stack

If speed and SEO are not concerns for you, there are plenty of cheap and easy options. With a pagebuilder a cheap shared hosting, you can build a nice looking site quickly and easily. But what page builders give in speed of design, they take away in speed of browsing.

We make great looking websites, without using bloated, sluggish page builders.

But we don’t sacrifice good looks. We don’t sacrifice marketing functionality. We don’t sacrifice ease of use for you, the customer using the site we build.

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Don’t lose customers due to a slow site!

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