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Customer Help

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Hosting & Support

Is your hosting really much faster?

Yes. Unless you are already using Nginx servers with caching in your own city or one near you, plus a  Content Delivery network, with your WordPress optimised to compress files, image etc., then we will be able to help you boost your speed a lot.

How can can i tell how fast my site is right now?

Easy. First, click through the pages of this site. How fast does it feel compared to your own site? Now compare some figures: take a look at the GTmetrix Performance Report for here. Now go to and test your own site. By default it tests from Vancouver, Canada. Click the signup link and create an account, and you can test from Sydney, or whatever location is closest to your own web server.

What will you actually do to speed my site up?

Firstly, we are going to use Cloudflare as your Domain Name Servers, because it’s faster and because it’s easy for us to manage your site that way. Secondly, we are going to install your site on an Nginx Virtual Private Server, which has a caching system. Next, we install the Content Delivery Network, and run tests to check the speed. For further speed improvements, we will tell you what needs to be done to improve the speed, and quote you accordingly.

How fast will my site load?

A site built by us, on our own hosting, will generally load visibly in under 1 second. This includes loading of Google fonts, Google analytics etc., which can slow your site down, but we speed up by caching them on your server. If you have other services attached to your site that load javascripts, they may make your site load time stats look slower, up to around 2 seconds. However, this loading will be happening after your site loads and is visible to your readers. So it is not a problem. What we can tell you is that in the vast majority of cases we can achieve massive speed increases. To test your website’s speed, go to

Will you keep my credit card information on file?

No. If you pay for your domain, hosting, or web design with credit card, your card details remain only with PayPal or Stripe. These are big card processing companies with the best security in the industry, who you already trust with your card details. While we can charge recurring payments where authorised by you for ongoing services, WE DO NOT KEEP OR EVEN SEE any of our customers’ card details.

Do you charge sales tax?

No. We are in Hong Kong. No sales tax applies.

Will you build me a free site in exchange for publicity?


Do you serve people in my country …?

We serve customers anywhere. To date, we serve customers in Australia, China / Hong Kong, India and the USA. We can talk to you by Skype, WhatsApp, screenshare and email as required, to find out your requirements, help you achieve your goals, and provide ongoing support to ensure your continued success.

FAQ about

Web Design & Support

Can you help me with a very specific project about … ?

Yes. We would like to hear about it. We build on WordPress, which has available add-ons for eCommerce, member sites, online bookings, email and chatbot marketing and so on. We will focus on website speed, ease of use, and leads/sales results. Let’s talk about your project.

Can you meet specific security requirements?

Yes, we are security focused from the getgo. But if you have specific security requirements or corporate policies, we can follow those too. Need to control your own DNS? Servers under your own account? Strategies on site publishing permissions for employees? Our senior securities consultant, with 20 years of military and corporate IT architecture and security experience, will a devise with you a plan that fits your needs. We will build your project around the results of that planning.

Will I be be able to edit my site by myself?

Yes. The ability to add pages, articles, pictures and videos to your site, and edit them when you please, is a crucial feature of all business websites today. When we set up your site, we will not only introduce you to all its features, but will also install in it video instructions that show you how to use every available function with ease.

What if the is something I can’t figure out?

When we setup your site, we will reduce clutter by making visible only your mission critical functions. The video instructions will also be available in your site dashboard 24/7. But if there is still something you can’t get working, you may contact us any time. We will respond to your query with according to urgency, to get solve your problem quickly.

How do I receive customer support?

Our customers can talk to us via email, phone, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

Can I import my content from an existing site?

Yes we will do that as part of any project. Retaining existing quality, relevant content is crucial for SEO and brand continuity. We will ensure all existing links are maintained when we do the move, and will only cut over to new site when the new project is double-checked and ready to roll.

Can I change or cancel an order after I’ve submitted it?

Yes. We aim to give you what you want and need. Until we have contacted you, confirmed your order and gotten started with the work, if you have any second thoughts or change requirements, just get in touch right away. We’ll make sure you get what you want and need, instead of what you thought you needed before you changed your mind or realised you might have to.

I no longer need my website. Can I get a refund?

Our prices factor in the costs of site migrations, customer support and server maintenance. We do not issue pro rata refunds for mere change of mind or change of strategy. We do guarantee good performance, however. If you have a problem with your website at any time,please get in touch immediately and we will help you to solve it. We stand by our customers, their success is of utmost importance to us.