Alphapress courses help you to get the most out of your WordPress website, showing you how to add and edit content, optimise your site for search engines, sell your products online with WooCommerce, and better understand your business with Google Analytics, so you can make goals and monitor your progress as you work your way toward them.

The courses below are available for purchase in the Alphapress Shop. When you purchase a course, the first lesson in the list of its units will become a blue link. You may click it to enter the until. When you complete a unit, the next will become available for review. The full set of lessons is available in the backend Dashboard of all AlphaPress Customer’s sites.

WordPress Master Course 1: Adding and Editing Content (Imported)
Welcome to the first of our WordPress Master Courses. In this course we will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of adding and editing content in your WordPress website. We start at the Dashboard, where you’ll find the core site information at your fingertips, then introduce you to the Editor, Images, Pages, Media, Posts. No clickable blue course links? Get your course HERE
Module 1The Dashboard
In this Module, you will learn how to use The Dashboard, and the Admin Bar.
Unit 1The Dashboard
Unit 2The Admin Bar
Unit 3Change Your Password
Module 2The WordPress Editor
Above The Editor rectangle there is a toolbar containing common tools for formatting your content. This module will introduce you to it, and how to use it.
Unit 1Hyperlinks
Unit 2Lists
Unit 3Embed Video
Unit 4Distraction-free Writing
Unit 5The Toolbar
Unit 6Paste From Word
Unit 7Add a Heading
Unit 8Edit Text
Unit 9Revisions
Unit 10Video Playlists
Unit 11Text Shortcuts
Module 3Images
This module shows you how to add Images to the media library from Computer or URL, insert them into a Page or Post, and also how to delete or edit images. You can then flip, rotate, crop or scale images with the Image Editor, before inserting them directly in a Page or Post or Gallery, or use one as a Featured image.
Unit 1Add Media From Media Library
Unit 2Add Image from Computer
Unit 3Add Image From URL
Unit 4Delete Image
Unit 5Edit Image
Unit 6Image Editor
Unit 7Rotate and Flip Images
Unit 8Crop & Scale Images
Unit 9Featured Image
Unit 10Image Galleries
Module 4Pages
This module shows you how to add, trash and restore pages on your website
Unit 1Add New Page
Unit 2Trash a Page
Unit 3Restore a Page
Module 5Media
Adding media to your website can be done in one of two ways: 1) Directly into a page or post; or 2)Added to the media library and then added to a page or post. This module will show you how.
Unit 1Media Library
Unit 2Add Media
Module 6Posts
Blog posts, or “Posts” should form a major part of your content strategy, by providing a content stream of new and helpful information for your current and potential customers, making it easier for you to get found in searches, and attract more traffic to your site. This module will show you how to add a new Post, trash one you don’t want or restore it if you change your mind. It also explains post Categories and Tags, and how to make Quick Drafts to save all your ideas as you get them.
Unit 1Add New Post
Unit 2Trash a Post
Unit 3Restore a Post
Unit 4Categories
Unit 5Tags
Unit 6Quick Draft
Unit 7The Excerpt
Module 7Comments
Visitors to your site can make comments on pages or posts. Comments are a good way to encourage user contributions to your site and help foster a sense of community. Comments may or may not be enabled on your site depending on how it has been developed.
Unit 1Comments
Module 8Menus & Widgets
Menus and Widgets are important for controlling the overall look of your site. They are important ways for customers to find and access your content. This module explains them to you, and shows you how to add and edit items.
Unit 1Add a Page to a Menu
Unit 2Moving Menu Items
Unit 3Add Custom Links
Unit 4Widgets

WordPress Master Course 2: Get Found Online with Better SEO
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Module 1Introduction to Yoast SEO
Unit 1General
Unit 2Page Analysis
Unit 3Social
Unit 4Profile

WordPress Master Course 3: Selling online with WooCommerce
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Module 1WooCommerce Settings
WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. This module will show you how to add Categories Tags to products, how to assign Shipping Classes and Attributes, and how to manage orders, view reports and create or manage Coupons for your marketing campaigns
Unit 1WooCommerce: Categories
Unit 2WooCommerce: Tags
Unit 3WooCommerce: Shipping Classes
Unit 4WooCommerce: Attributes
Unit 5WooCommerce: Orders
Unit 6WooCommerce: Reports
Unit 7WooCommerce: Coupons
Module 2WooCommerce Products
This module will show you how to add and manage your products in WooCommerce, starting with an overview of how products work, then moving on to simple, grouped, external and variable and downloadable products.
Unit 1Product Overview
Unit 2WooCommerce: Add a Product
Unit 3WooCommerce: Simple Product
Unit 4WooCommerce: Grouped Product
Unit 5WooCommerce: External Product
Unit 6WooCommerce: Variable Product
Unit 7Downloadable Product

WordPress Master Course 4: Know Your Stats with Google Analytics
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Module 1Google Analytics Setup
Unit 1Importance Of Digital Analytics
Unit 2Core Analysis Techniques
Unit 3Conversions & Marketing Attribution
Unit 4Creating a Measurement Plan
Unit 5How Google Analytics Works
Unit 6Key Metrics & Dimensions
Unit 7Creating an Account
Unit 8Understanding Account Structure
Unit 9Setting Up Basic Filters
Unit 10Setting Up Goals
Unit 11Collecting Campaign Data
Module 2Google Analytics Reports
Unit 1Reporting Overview
Unit 2Audience Reports
Unit 3Acquisition Reports
Unit 4AdWords Reports
Unit 5Behaviour Reports
Unit 6Custom Reports & Dashboards
Unit 7Goal Flow Report
Unit 8Ecommerce Reports
Unit 9Multi-Channel Funnels Reports
Unit 10Attribution Reports

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