We install it in all of our client sites, as it makes is very useful for making sure you have got the SEO aspects of your posts right. Yoast used to mainly help you make sure you had the your keywords in all the right places, such as page header, paragraph headers, content body and so on.

Always keen to help you go higher and further, Yoast has now has added six content checks into their latest release, which will help you to maintain optimum content readability.

Improved Readability is Crucial

Their latest blog post explains for you the choices they made while developing all these readability checks. Reading the post will help you want to understand how their content analysis works and why they made their readability assessment the way it is.

Little research on what is ‘right’ in writing!

There are a lot of things we know about readability. Short sentences are easier to read than long sentences. Passive voice causes distant writing. However, linguistics is not at all an exact science. It is hard to decide when a piece of content is readable and when it is not. Still, we had to decide these things in order to make readability checks.

We hired a linguist (Irene Strikkers) to help us. She figured out which checks were useful and why. In this article, we first explain how the development of these readability checks came about. After that, we explain why each of the 6 assessments is important and describe the exact assessment.

The process of developing these assessments was thorough and we really worked with experts in the field of SEO copywriting and linguistics. That being said, we could well imagine that some of you have questions about the way we measure things or disagree with the operationalization of one of the assessments. Perhaps you would like to see other checks added to Yoast SEO. We’ve made a special form that’ll allow you to give us your feedback. We are curious to your ideas AND your argumentation!

I found this blog post to be of great help in understanding what their readability assessment is trying to tell me. Keeping readers' attention is not easy. Thanks to Yoast for helping constantly remind us what details to pay attention to when writing.


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