Hi! I'm Tamhas

I build websites and marketing systems that help businesses grow. I am not a coder, and I won't throw jargon at you. My goal is to understand your business, and to help you get more traffic, leads and sales online.  We'd love to help you make sure you are getting as many leads as possible. Talk to our Chatbot to request a quote, or ask a question. 


About Me

I've Been Building Websites For Over 9 Years!

I have tried various website platforms on shared hosts, managed hosts and cloud hosting, more themes and plugins than you can imagine, and all types of backups, caching and other such add-ons; and I have come out the other side always keen to keep things easy and reliable, and lose the fancy. In short ‒ if it doesn't help your customers and boost your business ‒ don't do it.


  • Web Design
  • Online Branding
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Marketing Automation
  • Advertising Optimisation

My Vision

My vision is clear. To help you get more traffic, leads and sales online.

I start with a business website platform that helps you to grow you business with as little fuss as possible. In addition to being easy and reliable, a business website needs bold calls to action, a landing page, mailing list with opt-in forms and more, to help you grow your list and boost your leads.

Our platform helps you focus on building your online content, without having to worry about the technical hurdles. To this end, our platform gives you beautiful page designs, super fast loading on both front and back ends, and great ease of use. It even has a built-in Video Instruction Manual, so you and your staff can easily learn to use your site, with clear step-by-step instructions for every function.

In addition to great websites, we aim to help our you achieve the benefits of the latest generation of online marketing: marketing funnels with automation. These work in conjunction with paid advertising and landing pages, to give you the best possible leads-per-dollar value for money.


Websites are a showcase.

How can you help people?

Make sure they know.


First, I talk to you, to understand your business, and what benefit you are selling to your clients


I show you a concept of how we can best set you up, to maximise your online traffic and leads growth


We agree on a way forward, that will get you the best results, with minimum fuss.


The project begins. We communicate with you as the job proceeds. No surprises.

Years of Web Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects


  • Project Management
  • Content and Sales Copy 
  • Sales Funnels and Automation
  • Online Content Management
  • Superfast Nginx Virtual Servers
  • Client Training


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • M.Commerce, International Business
  • Mandarin Training Centre (Chinese)


  • Specialising in marketing
  • Superfast websites  <1 second loading time 
  • Helped many clients boost leads
  • City and Regional service
  • Local business friendly

Examples of Sites we can Build

Alphapress Customers Say

"I used to count my leads per week. Then AlphaPress helped me with a website and SEO strategy. I now measure things by how many months I am booked out for." Mitch K.

Owner, Perth Fence

"We Needed a website that would give us a clean corporate look, while guiding customers to the contact forms to maximise our lead. AlphaPress delivered." Marc. M

CEO, Expat Insurance Hong Kong

"Supplied excellent service & support with great knowledge designing my website. Every question I asked was answered above and beyond, I would highly recommend." Jason T

Business Owner, Metalistik Australia

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