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OK. You want to use the internet to get more customers. 

You need to give people information that helps them to learn about your product, and make a decision to buyThat means generating content (by talking or writing about your business), and getting it online so people can find it. You need a website. But not just any website

 It has to look great and load fast, so Google will rank it well, and people will stick around to read it, be  convinced you can help them, and  get in touch − to become a lead.

OK let’s do a quick checklist: Beautiful. With pics and videos, and animations. Super fast. Easy-to-use, for yourself or a whole team. With step-by-step how-to videos .

And other stuff too. Professional business analytics. Secure, and backed up. eCommerce maybe? 

No problem. We can help you do all that. And more.

Is your site slow? Let us show you how to fix it.

<1sec Page Loading. 100%  GTMETRIX SCORE

We Make Your Website the Fastest it Can Be

We use super fast servers with lost of tricks to make them faster: server and browser caching, CDN, data compression, code minification, image optimisation and more. to make your website load as fast as possible, for a GTmetrix 100/100 speed score. 

We use fast Nginx VPS servers with server caching for a quick response time with and efficient use of resources. We can also help you achieve the same on Siteground and certain other hosts.

We combining, compresa and defer loading  of the various scripts your site uses, to reduce loading and page rendering time.

The further files travel, the longer it takes. We move your site’s images and other heavier files of your site and onto servers closer to your customers, so they see them sooner.

Various other optimisations such as compressing and right-sizing images, serving images from cookie free URLs and saving external scripts locally, speed things up further.

We achieve GTMetrix 100/100 full score on our site with images, video embeds, custom fonts, animated text, google analytics and more. A perfect score may not always be possible, for example in the case of add-on softwares such as Facebook that require external Javascripts. However it is our mission to continue increasing the functionalities that can be added without decreasing score.

Customers reviews

I was previously struggling to get leads for my fencing business. Then we found Alphapress. Now I am booked out with jobs for months ahead. Thanks!!
Adam Sendler
We needed a site that would look professional, and focus on getting leads for our limo business. Thanks to Alphapress, our new site really does the trick.
Mila Kunis
Alphapress set up our site from scratch, helping us put together the text content , pics and design, to make a great site. We really love how easy it is to use.
Mike Stuart