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The main goal of a business website, as your key marketing tool, is to get you more traffic, leads and sales. To do this, your site must look good, load fast, and have good content, which search engines can find and people will read. We can help you to make a beautiful, fast site that comes with video instructions, and the support and site care services you need to keep things running smoothly.

Are you getting enough business leads online? Let us show you 10 things you can do this week to start getting more leads.

We Are 100% Focused on  Getting You More Leads

Customer Reviews

I was previously struggling to get leads for my fencing business. Then we found Alphapress. Now I am booked out with jobs for months ahead. Thanks!!
Mitchel Kingston
We needed a site that would look professional, and focus on getting leads for our limo business. Thanks to Alphapress, our new site does the trick.
Alphapress set up our site from scratch, helping us put together the text content , pics and design, to make a great site. We really love how easy it is to use.
Lachlan Buchan


Improve User Experience

  • Nobody likes a slow site. If your site is not fast, people won't stick around. Don't let it happen. Impress your users with the convenience of speed, so they'll stick around longer and find out how you can help them.

Get Better Google Rankings

  • According to the SEO experts at, "site speed is a ranking factor and its importance keeps growing ... making your website faster can, therefore, lead to getting organic traffic for new posts faster and to better rankings".

Get More Leads and Sales

  • Research says that people don’t read as much or buy as much from slower sites. But we know that anyway. What do you do when a page takes more than a few seconds to load? You go back, don't you? That's why your site needs to be as fast as possible.

Pingdom Rating speed test, 16 June 2018 - Click image for full test results at

WebPageTest Rating speed test, 16 June 2018 - Click image for full test results at

GtMetrix Rating speed test, 16 June 2018 - Click image for full test results at
How Do We Do It?
We use a custom setup to get the speed you need

We use super fast Nginx servers with server and browser caching, CDN, compression, code minification and image optimisation to make our website load as fast as possible, for a GTmetrix 100/100 speed score. 

We use fast Nginx VPS servers with server caching for a quick response time with and efficient use of resources. We can also help you achieve the same on Siteground and certain other hosts.

We combining, compresa and defer loading  of the various scripts your site uses, to reduce loading and page rendering time.

The further files travel, the longer it takes. We move your site’s images and other heavier files of your site and onto servers closer to your customers, so they see them sooner.

Various other optimisations such as compressing and right-sizing images, serving images from cookie free URLs and saving external scripts locally, speed things up further.

We achieve GTMetrix 100/100 full score on our site with images, video embeds, custom fonts, animated text, google analytics and more. A perfect score may not always be possible, for example in the case of add-on softwares such as Facebook that require external Javascripts. However it is our mission to continue increasing the functionalities that can be added without decreasing score.

Is your WordPress site slow? It doesn't need to be. Let us show you 10 things you can do right now to speed things up.


Good Looks do Count

  • Good looks alone won't get the job done. But, your site, with its helpful content that convinces customers to deal with you, has to look professional and be easy to read. If people are frustrated because they can’t find what they need, you can't sell it to them.

Mobile Friendly is a Must

  • Browsing for goods and services on mobile is increasingly the norm, as people live there lives everywhere. So your site needs to look good and load fast on mobiles as well as desktops. If it's slow or hard to use, Google will rank you down, and the people that still find you will not stay long.

Designed for Leads

  • First impressions do count. A smart and professional look is a must. Looking shabby doesn't build trust. Ease of use will keep people using, and in some industries aesthetics and unique design will be crucial. Lastly, you'll need clear calls-to-action, asking for business and showing people how to take the next step towards doing business with you.
How Do We Do It?
Our responsive designs look good on every device

Before building your site, we will discuss your business with you, and help you decide on the right look and feel. All our sites will look great on desktops, mobiles and tablets. High contrast, easy reading and clear calls-to-action are key.

Responsive design means your site will adapt to whatever device your readers are on. All text and images will automatically fit the screen. It makes reading easier, and also makes your site eligible for addition to Google’s mobile-first index. If your site is not mobile friendly, Google will be ranking you down, and readers may leave in frustration.

Site structure is an important part of your design. Without it, your site will be a random collection of pages and blog posts. Our site design and built-in video instruction manual will helps you to develop your site content and structure so that search engines rank it better, and your users can find and read it.

If you’re using any form of paid advertising, you will be sending people to where you’re selling your product or service. To get the most results per click, you’ll need to make sure you only have one thing people can focus on. We’ll help you build landing pages, so when your ad-clicking customers come looking for a specific thing, you can make sure that’s what they find.

Again, the key goal of the websites we build is to get you more traffic, leads and actions. That’s why we build bold Call-to-Action sections into every page. Because getting more subscribers, more enquiries, and more product sales happens most when you’re telling people how you can help them, and asking them to take the next step.

Good pictures will help make people want to read site. But you cannot just use any picture or photo you find on the internet. We will help you select images that look great, are appropriate for the place they will be used, and will cause no copyright issues.

Is your website mobile friendly and designed to get you more leads? Do you need help to make more happen?


Easily Add and Edit Site Content

  • Click "New", type your content. Add a pic or two, and hit the Publish button. Congratulations. Your latest product update is online. And your subscribers just got an email in their inbox. They click the link, and see your post. People can even comment, and you can reply.

Delegate Work, Maintain Control

  • Don'y have time to manage things yourself, but do want to to double check what goes on your site? No problem. Delegate one or more employees as your site "authors". When they post an article, you get notified by email. Checked and all good? Click to Publish.

All the Training and Support You Need

  • Of course your site is only as good at the content you put in it. We make that as easy as possible, with a comprehensive video instruction course built into your site Dashboard of every site, to everything you need to know about publishing content, SEO and Analytics is at your fingertips.
How Do We Do It?
An easy user interface plus great instructions

With the aim of making it as easy as possible for you to add and edit content that will get found online and keep people reading, we have added built-in SEO analysis to make sure you get the most from each Post, and a video instruction manual, to make it a breeze for you or your team to learn the system.

Is publishing easy for you? Can you and your staff quickly add and edit your website content without outside help?

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